Welcome to Posture

Why Choose Us?

  • A taller, slimmer, and straighter appearance

  • Reduced stress

  • Improved flexibility & balance

  • Greater self-confidence

  • An increased feeling of lightness and fluidity

  • Increased breathing capacity & energy

  • Improved ability to handle life’s changes with ease

At Posture, we perform therapeutic massages and structural integration. If you are looking to improve your posture, break free from pain, and receive a deep tissue massage, then Posture is the place for you.

Our bodies are continually changing. Injuries, accidents, illnesses, and emotional stress all take their toll on our body. Structural integration restores your muscles to how they should naturally be. Julie’s massage therapy will give you guidance on how to reteach your body to move.

Whether you’re an athlete who needs to be at the top of their game or an office worker who sits in front of a computer all day, Posture offers massages with effects that last.

What is Structural Integration?    

+ Structural Integration

Simply put, structural integration is putting all the tissue and muscles in your body back where they belong. Through movement and touch, stress and impaired function are systematically released from the body.

+ How does it work?

There are four different analogies we can use to understand how structural integration works: Separating the Kids, Exorcising the Aliens; Breaking Up the Alien Parties; and Cooking the Roast.

+ Separating the Joints

Our joints are like three kids crammed in the back seat of a station wagon, poking each other, annoying each other, and periodically yelling, “Mom! He hit me!”. When joints lose their personal space, it affects your bones and arthritis happens. By separating the kids (joints), everyone’s happy because everyone has their space.

+ Trigger Points

Like a bad (or good) science fiction movie, aliens can inhabit our bodies and wreak havoc. These aliens usually reside in hard-to-reach places like under the shoulder blade and lead to tender areas and knots. Structural integration works trigger points to release these aliens from your muscles; no gruesome alien-birth scene necessary.

+ Eliminating Knots

Occasionally, the unexorcised aliens get together and throw a block party. The aliens (knots) gather together and get bigger, and when the party gets out of control, so does the muscle pain. I’ll work to eliminate the leader (main knot) when possible, or to break up all the little knots. End of party.

+ Power of Heat

Like a raw roast, our muscles are solid with a clear film around it. By putting pressure on your muscles, I create heat. And by “cooking the roast”, the heat allows me to move and elongate the melted muscle. Then like a roast in the fridge, the muscles stay in their proper places as they cool.


What Our Clients Say

  • Julie began working on me when I was in desperate need of neck and head work after suffering multiple concussions and whiplash injuries. Besides my neck, other areas of my body were jammed up from the current ski season as well as years of playing rugby. After the first session; my neck was pain free and I did not have a headache for the first time in 4 months. Julie not only did exceptional work but also explained in plain English what was going on and why I was in pain. I not only leave every session with Julie feeling better but also with wealth of information regarding my injuries – from what is going on inside to exercises I can practice on my own.

    — Caitlin Laman
  • Since the age of 14 I’ve experienced back pain as a fairly constant part of my life due to scoliosis. I’d received massages before but my pain usually would return quickly after one or two ski crashes. After landing on my back off a 35 foot cliff with too flat of a landing, I started seeing Julie regularly. My back actually seemed to stabilize and I could ski all day and work nights in a restaurant with no trouble. In 10 years of pain I’d never experienced that. Furthermore, rather than just making my back muscles relax, she realigned it in some way (ask Julie!) that kept the pain away long after we parted ways for the summer. I think this is the most important. She didn’t just make me feel better for a week like other massages I’ve received but really approached my back issues with a long term solution in mind.

    — Keenan Hawkins
  • What I love about Posture is that they don’t just offer ‘massage services’ that end after 60 minutes. They offer genuine care and correction that’s meant to hold an impact even after you leave. I would definitely recommend Posture if you’re looking for a massage with effects that last.

    — Annette A.

Meet Julie Tracy, Owner

Julie, owner of Posture, loves bodywork and is trained by the experts and thought leaders at the Chickly Institute, Upledger Institute International and Structure Body Therapies. She finds happiness in helping people feel better so they can do what they love, whether that’s skiing, running, or just working without pain. She now travels the world helping clients achieve better posture, relief from injury to enjoy their best lives.

As a body specialist with over ten years of experience, Julie’s goal is to revitalize her clients by relieving symptoms of pain, dysfunction, and poor posture.

Posture was started in 2009, when Julie moved to the Northeast from Alta, Utah due to the high demand of clients getting in tuned with their bodies and requesting more bodywork. She now travels between Boston and Connecticut serving clients who seek better posture, relief from injury, or body realignment.