About Us

Our bodies are continually changing. Injuries, accidents, illnesses, and emotional stress all take their toll on our body. Structural integration restores your muscles to how they should naturally be. Julie’s massage therapy will give you guidance on how to reteach your body to move and heal.

At Posture, we perform therapeutic massages, lymphatic drainage and structural integration. If you are looking to improve your posture, break free from pain, and heal your body then Posture is the place for you.

Whether you’re an athlete who needs to be at the top of their game or an office worker who sits in front of a computer all day, Posture offers massages with effects that last.

Meet Julie Tracy, Owner

Julie Tracy Posture Massage.JPG

Julie, owner of Posture, loves bodywork and is trained by the experts and thought leaders at the Chickly Institute, Upledger Institute International and Structure Body Therapies. She finds happiness in helping people feel better so they can do what they love, whether that’s skiing, running, or just working without pain. In addition to working with clients from all over Fairfield County, Julie travels the world helping clients achieve better posture and relief from injury to enjoy their best lives.

As a body specialist with over ten years of experience, Julie’s goal is to revitalize her clients by relieving symptoms of pain, dysfunction, and poor posture.

Posture was started in 2009, when Julie moved to the Northeast from Alta, Utah due to the high demand of clients getting in tuned with their bodies and requesting more bodywork. She now travels between Boston and Connecticut serving clients who seek better posture, relief from injury, or body realignment.