Posture's Massage Services

We believe in body correction through massage. We offer a full range of therapeutic massages in Boston, Massachusetts and Stamford, Connecticut. We offer the following massage services:

  • Basic Ten Series of Structural Integration
  • Body Correction Deep Tissue Massage
  • CranioSacral Therapy
  • Kinesio Tape
  • Lymph Drainage Therapy

Are you someone who feels they have bad posture? You try to stand up straight but you can’t. Perhaps you feel fine but do not want to look like your grandmother when you’re older. We have a solution for you. Structural integration will permanently change your posture by realigning the muscles and tissue that make it difficult to maintain good posture.

Are you suffering from an injury? We help people who have chronic pain or temporary discomfort from an injury or lifetime problem. Structural integration and other massage techniques at Posture will change the way your body feels and help you live the life you desire.

You will leave the office feeling better, with increased body awareness, and new knowledge about the body’s connections.

The Basic Ten Series of Structural Integration

There are ten sessions, each one building on the last. Each session lasts seventy-five minutes and should ideally be scheduled once per week. Through clear communication between the practitioner and client, the client becomes aware of his/her body and the effects of the work. During each session the client is taught to understand what is happening to his/her body to fully comprehend the purpose, and to become aware of the results of each session.

+ Session One

To create lift so the body can receive more oxygen. We are increasing vital capacity. We begin lifting the upper Body off of the pelvis preparing the body for the work to come.

+ Session Two

To give the body a stable foundation by balancing the foot and muscles of the lower leg by addressing the knee, ankle, and foot.

+ Session Three

To address the lateral line/sides of the body from ear to knee. Help the muscles that are supposed to be in the front be in the front and things that are supposed to be in the back are in the back.

+ Session Four

Start the beginning sessions for the “core” work. The inner leg from the arch of the foot to the bottom of the pelvis is addressed. This helps the legs look good too!

+ Session Five

This session addresses the main hip flexors and to make the pelvis horizontal.

+ Session Six

Lengthen the backside from heels to the head.

+ Session Seven

Head and neck are the focus to bring it over the shoulders.

+ Session Eight & Nine

Balancing sessions. The shoulder girdle or pelvic girdle will get worked on again here.

+ Session Ten

Here, we put the finishing touches on the body. We will address the whole body and show how the whole body is connected.

Clients are shown specifically where their structural and functional imbalances are located and how to change habitual holding patterns. They are also taught how to re-pattern their chronic holding patterns and inappropriate movements, and how to match functional integration with structural integration. As a result the client is able to keep the beneficial effects of the ten-session system, continue to improve long after the ten sessions are complete, and assume responsibility for his/her own health and well-being.

What should I wear?

The ideal attire worn during the sessions for women is a two piece bathing suit, or if desired, loose short running shorts and a sports bra. For men, loose running shorts.

Awareness is an important aspect of the client’s experience and is emphasized throughout the Structural Integration process.

What are the effects of Structural Integration?

Structural integration restores your muscles to how they should naturally be, and Julie gives you guidance on how to continue to improve your body’s alignment. The cumulative nature of the series makes it a truly educational and life-changing experience.

Why Choose Us?

  • Better posture and alignment of your body
  • Effects that are permanent
  • Certified massage therapist
  • Full range of services for every need
  • Improved ability to handle life’s changes with ease
  • Four years ago I sustained back-to-back injuries to my pelvis and sacrum. I was concerned that I would always favor my “broken side” that left me feeling bent, pinched, sad and super weak-all feelings a full-time ski bum would like to avoid at all costs. Julie was very confident when she told me that she could fix me, and that is exactly what happened. Structural integration changed my life! The quick results I experienced helped me to know that I could bounce back. Since then I have continued to ski, and with Julie’s help, I feel tall and straight.

    — Kylie
  • Last winter I was lucky enough to have Julie work on me regularly. Her professional demeanor put me at ease and allowed her to immediately begin some much-needed therapy on my body. As the season progressed, I noticed major changes in my muscle structure, my awareness of it, and my knowledge of how my body worked. Julie is physically strong, pleasant to be with, and extremely well-educated in her field. Most importantly, massage is her passion and she continues to both further her education as well as learn from each body that she works on. Any person would be extremely lucky to have Julie work on them, and would notice the benefits immediately.

    — Liz Page