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The Mind-Body Connection

Our goal is to help you heal and live a life full of vitality. We can help with relief from many symptoms:

Headache • Jaw Pain • Neck Pain • Back Pain • Posture Body Alignment • Aches in Joints • Detoxify Body Cold & Flu • Sinus Conditions • Surgery Prep & Recovery
Athletic Improvement

At Posture, we perform therapeutic massages and structural Integration. If you are looking to improve your posture and body alignment, break free from pain and live your best life, then Posture is the place for you!

Whether you’re battling chronic/acute pain, manage post surgery swelling or looking to improve your overall wellness, we customize your sessions to help your body reach its true potential.

Why Choose Us?

  • A taller, slimmer, and straighter appearance

  • Reduced stress

  • Improved flexibility & balance

  • Greater self-confidence

  • An increased feeling of lightness and fluidity

  • Increased breathing capacity & energy

  • Improved ability to handle life’s changes with ease

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Did you know?

Within us all there is a silent system working to keep us health - the Lymphatic System. Without it our bodies would swell up like balloons, swamping our cells with stagnant fluid. The Lymphatic System’s impact is so far reaching that many don’t even realize that minor aches and pains, low energy and susceptibility to colds and flu may be due to a sluggish Lymphatic System and a compromised Immune System.

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Post Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgeries all produce swelling to some extent as part of the body’s normal healing process. Howeverm some cosmetic surgeries, such as liposuction procedures and tummy tucks, disrupt the natural pathways taken by the Lymphatic System due to the location of the surgery.

When the lymph drifts out into surrounding tissue after a surgical procedure disrupts the normal lymphatic pathways, swelling is the result, but there are ways to combat this problem. Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) massage can help the lymphatic system flush these fluids, and jump start the cleansing process when the body has built up too much swelling.

Because of the extensive areas of disruption, tummy tucks and liposuction procedures are usually the cosmetic surgeries with the greatest amount of lymphatic swelling.