Frequently Asked Questions

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Wear loose fitting cotton clothing, tank tops and shorts are best. Your session is clothed.

How should I prepare for for my session?

Starting a few days before the session it is good to drink a lot of water to prepare your system for cleansing. On the day of the session, please drink be sure to drink at least 48 oz of water at least one hour before your session. Please be sure to use the restroom before your session start time.

What will the session be like?

To ensure your session is customized to best meet your needs, we will begin each session with a brief discussion regarding your health history and any recent concerns.

Your therapist's touch will often be light to moderate (just enough pressure to stretch the skin). In some cases, where Structural Integration is requested, the massage will be deep tissue and active.

Your therapist will concentrate on key areas of your lymphatic system: head, neck, armpits/arms, breasts, abdomen, hips and legs. Organs such as the liver will be addressed in addition to any areas of complaint.

You may experience sensations on the table as lymph fluids begin to move (tingling, pulling sensation, coolness in fingers and toes, digestive/gurgling noises).

Once treatment is completed, we will have a few minutes to discuss what to expect post session and to render payment.

What should I do and how will I feel after the session?

Drink water and eat light and healthy food. You may see signs that your body is releasing toxins and your are on the road to better health Don't worry, detoxing is natural and doesn't last too long.

The list below are only a FEW of the more common healing responses that may be experienced shortly after your session:

  • Deeper and more restful sleep, maybe wanting a nap in the day

  • Sinus and Ear Drainage

  • Reductions in swelling and headaches

  • The body may feel clean, light, and pure

  • The mind may be clear, sharp, and expanded

  • Some joints may spontaneously "adjust" themselves as the reduction in fluid allows for better alignment

  • Sometimes, as you detox, you may briefly feel flu like symptoms. These symptoms do not last and are a sign of healing.

  • Temporary increase in urination and bowel movements possibly more odorous

  • Temporary change in your body odor, increased sweat

  • Increased thirst